Dragon Ball Super Dubbed: Episode 116 Recap with Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed has reached the halfway mark in its Tournament of Power and things are finally moving on at a quick pace. In the previous episode, Goku was cornered by the fused warrior Kefla and was about to be eliminated just before he unlocked his autonomous Ultra instinct form once more. This is the second time that this form has revealed itself, so let’s see if it’s just as powerful as its initial debut.

With Goku having tapped into his Ultra Instinct form, the Gods are left amazed once more as this is a move that even they have trouble mastering. Whis explains that the form must have been ignited due to the enormous power level that Goku was exposed to. Previously it was due to the Spirit Bomb but this time it was due to Kefla’s tremendous power.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Seeing Goku in this new form, Kefla charges up as well and proceeds attack Goku. Goku’s new form allows him to easily dodge all of Kefla’s attacks with incredible precision. The natural reflexes makes this form superior to any other form seen in the anime so far. Goku that shifts towards aggression and starts attacking Kefla who in response powers up once more and begins blasting powerful energy blasts at Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Kefla’s blasts are powerful but Goku is able to dodge them all once again. He then proceeds to charge charging up one final Kamehameha wave. While charging he continues to dodge Kefla’s blasts and rides on top of one of her blasts. Reaching Kefla, Goku hits her at point black range and subsequently eliminates her from the Tournament of Power. This is one of the most amazing Kamehameha wave that Goku has performed as he doesn’t often use mobility alongside his attack. Check out this impressive moment down below.


With the battle finally over, Goku reverts back to his normal form. However, his body is once more under immense strain making him useless in a fight. Goku limps forward towards the next battle.

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