Dragon Ball Super Dubbed: Episode 113 Recap and Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

With the tournament of Power concluding half of its duration, the contestants are desperate to eliminate their opponents and gain the upper hand. The previous episodes in Dragon Ball Super saw the elimination of Hit and Cabba, two of the major fighters for Universe 6. With the pressure of elimination finally kicking in, Caulifla decides to retaliate by eliminating Goku. Read on to find out what happened in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super Dubbed.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed


The episode starts off with Goku being saved by Caulifla from the Universe 3 fighters, she quickly tells Goku that she isn’t here to save him but to challenge him to a fight. She wants Goku to teach her how to turn Super Saiyan 3. Goku who is already worn out due to his fight with Jiren accepts the challenge and the two start to exchange blows.

Universe 6’s current strategy is to survive the Tournament of Power and avoid fighting with Jiren. However, it is important that they eliminate some of the fighters from Universe 7 as they have the highest number of available combatants, another reason why Caulifla challenged Goku.

As Caulifla attacks Goku, she notices that he is easily able to block all of her attacks even in his current state. Whis notices how Goku has the upper hand due to his vast battle experience, something that Caulifla is lacking. Goku continues to taunt Caulifla by using the after-image technique and tells her that she will never turn Super Saiyan 3.

However, Caulifla slowly starts to adapt to Goku’s techniques and is able to land a couple of solid Hits on him. Goku realizes her improvement and quickly charges up to SSJ2 and begins attacking her. The fight gets faster as the two fighters continue to charge their Ki and exchange blows. Kale, who is feeling left out from all of the fun, launches a Ki blast towards Goku which catches Goku by surprise.

Both and Kale and Caulifla team up and charge Goku who gladly accepts the new challenger. The Other Z-warriors notice how Goku is pushing himself to the edge, this might be his attempt to unlock Ultra Instinct. Meanwhile, Goku slowly regains some of his power and is able to transform into SSJ3 but he reverts back to SSJ2 since he hasn’t properly recovered his stamina.

Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Finally seeing SSJ3 in person, both Caulifla and Kale are more determined than ever to reach the form. They both power up and charge Goku once more, and with this, the episode ends. There are still 22 minutes before the Tournament of Power ends.

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