Dragon Ball Super Dub makes changes to iconic moments

Dragon Ball Super Dub

The Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super ended almost a year ago, but the dubbed version is still reaching the climax of the show. Dragon Ball Super Dub is still making its way through the tournament of Power arc and recently they hit a major milestone. The long-awaited debut of Ultra Instinct was finally revealed but fans are not happy with it.

Dragon Ball Super Dub

Episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super Dub saw Goku and Jiren face off for the first time. The episode was pure hype when it came out a year ago and the same was expected for the English version. However, Funimation decided to change the dubs translation which has led to a lot of backlash from fans.

The first major alteration was in the designation of the form itself. When Goku unlocks the form, Beerus refers to it as “Autonomous Ultra Instinct” which has left many fans scratching their heads. Why would the name of the form be changed almost after a year since its inception?

The forms name in Japanese is “Migatte no Goku’I,” one fan on Twitter pointed out. “Migatte is supposed to suggest one’s body moving on its own.” In their attempt to translate word by word, Funimation may have translated “Migatte” into Autonomous. So far, the change in the forms name has received mixed reactions from fans.

Other changes in the episode include a modified version of the “Ultimate Battle” OST which was first played when Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct. The music is instantly recognizable but the slight alterations make the song less appealing. The animation of Ultra Instinct was also changed which you can check down below for a side to side comparison between the Dubbed and Subbed version.

Dragon Ball Super Dub

The Cheap animation hit hard on many fans who were eagerly waiting for Ultra Instincts debut. Let’s just hope that the future episodes of Dragon Ball Super Dub don’t make the same mistakes.

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