Dragon Ball Super: Broly Producer Addresses Series Continuation

The past couple of weeks have been riddled with rumors of the possible return of Dragon Ball Super. The beloved anime series has once again gained popularity and with the release of its blockbuster hit movie, fans are more hyped than ever before. As the series grows, fans are already anxious for its return. Geekdom101 and other content creators on YouTube have speculated that the series will make a return. With little proof to back their claims, many fans are starting to think this is just a publicity stunt.

Earlier this month, Toei animation had denied any rumor stating the return of Dragon Ball Super. Media representative David Syatt told fans that no episodes are in production and there will likely be no production for quite some time.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Producer Addresses Series Continuation

Recently, the team behind the Dragon Ball Super: Broly attended the 2019 International Beijing Film Festival to promote the franchise. During an interview with the movie’s producer, Norihiro Hayashida, he was asked about the series future plans. This is what he had to say:

“Nothing is fixed now. Toei hasn’t come up with anything yet, not even about arrangements and when it will start. We are looking forward to it as eagerly as everyone else. There is nothing we can answer about it right now.”

The lack of news regarding the franchise has left many fans disappointed. However, one thing is clear future possibilities are still a matter of discussion. The series has yet to enter any active production or even pre-production. Fans will have to wait longer before they can see the main series on their TV screens.


The original series closed its TV run last year but it came back with the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Since then there has been no official word regarding the series continuation. Both Toei and Funimation have already denied any rumor regarding the series return. It seems like fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for Goku and The Z fighters for a bit longer.

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