Dragon Ball Super 2019 Return Update

2019 has been a quiet year for Dragon Ball but at the start of the year fans were smashed with rumors of the series return. One by one, various sites and YouTube channels started to back up these rumors and even went on to provide solid proof of the 2019 return of Dragon Ball Super. However, Toei Animation was quick to respond and denied any such rumors regarding DBS’s return.

By July 2019, fans were once again ignited when several notable figures pointed out Dragon Ball Super’s confirmed return. However, fans were once again disappointed as no such official word came from Toei and the hype slowly started to fade away. So, what exactly happened to Dragon Ball Super? And why haven’t we received any more rumors of its return?

Geekdom101, the nucleus of most of the rumors, recently uploaded a video on his channel where he explained the mystery regarding Dragon Ball Super’s possible postponement. According to Geekdom101, the most likely reason for the postponement of Dragon Ball Super is due to Toei putting a hold on the production of Dragon Ball Super because they wanted to focus entirely on the One Piece Stampede movie.

With One Piece celebrating its 20th anniversary, similar to how DBZ celebrated its 30th anniversary, Toei was putting on a major movie and as a result of that, several major animators and production staff that worked on Dragon Ball Super were transferred to work on One Piece.

Another possible reason why Dragon Ball Super was postponed was due to the major leaks of the anime’s return. Now this might sound crazy, but why would a million-dollar company postpone its most successful title due to some mere rumors? However, Toei hasn’t done this for the firs time, in fact there are several notable companies who have done so before in the past and Toei seems to be following in their footsteps.

The bottom line is that, we have no exact date as to when Dragon Ball Super will return, but we do know that the anime is in production and will make an inevitable return sooner or later. We just have to remain patient and fingers crossed we will get some sort of official confirmation from Toei before the year ends.

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