Dragon Ball Super: 10 Possible Upcoming Plots

The return of Dragon Ball Super was just confirmed and we can’t wait to see the next episodes of the series. It’s hard to tell what story the new series will tell but it’s sure going to be amazing. There are plenty of possible upcoming plots, the most likely are listed below.


Frieza made several returns in Dragon ball Super and made a comeback in DBS: Broly. Although many may think that his character is being overused, he still has a lot of story potential. DBS: Broly left many hints related to the return of Dragon Balls most iconic villain.

Dragon Ball Super

In the film, Frieza stated that he would be back for the earth and even planned to recruit Broly once he was “domesticated”. Vegeta had also been training in preparation for Frieza, yet again hinting his return.


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Jiren is amongst the list of character who we know very little about, even though we were shown his backstory it wasn’t enough to fill a complete picture. Many fans are under the impression that a bigger story is yet to be told. The character has potential and is the perfect opponent for Goku. We really hope he makes a comeback in the rumored return of Dragon Ball Super and perhaps even settle the score with Goku.


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Vegetas mentor-student relationship with Cabba hit home with many fans. During the tournament of Power, Vegeta promised Cabba he would visit Sadala, the Saiyan home planet in Universe 6. This promise was formed out of Saiyan Pride so its definitely going to happen.


The entirety of Dragon Ball Super saw Goku and Vegeta in the main spotlight. Although they are the main source of attraction in the series many fans would argue that the other Z-Warriors should get some spotlight.

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A new set of Z-Warriors are also fast approaching with the birth of Bulla and Pan, the latter even showing some extraordinary Saiyan abilities. We’ve seen this happen in Dragon Ball GT and it looks like it could happen again.


Gokus Ultra instinct transformation was the first time he reached the realm of the Gods but its definitely not the last. Beerus prophesized that a Super Saiyan God would emerge and he was sure that it was Goku. His hopes were diminished when Goku failed to meet his expectations during his first God-like transformation but now things have changed with Ultra instinct. Goku has a really good chance of becoming the next God of Destruction.


The universe 6 Saiyans were a major part of the tournament of Power arc. Although we did get some backstory, they have yet to be fully explored. The upcoming Dragon Ball Super series is the perfect chance to set up a filler arc where we could see them in detail. The Saiyans culture, their difference from Universe 7 and of course what’s going on with Kale, Cabba, and Caulifa.


It’s pretty clear the Uub is no ones favorite character but he still has a lot of potential. He was previously teased in the DBS manga. One way the character could be used is by playing a part in the Galactic Prisoner saga. Since he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu he may have ties to the Grand supreme kai and might get dragged in on the adventure.


Dragon Ball Super is back to rebooting movie villains, Broly is the most recent example. One Villain that definitely deserves a reboot is Friezas brother Cooler. The character would have to be greatly reimagined but he would make for an interesting new arc. Cooler has already been introduced in the spin-off series, Dragon Ball Heroes.


At the end of the film in DBS: Broly, Goku, and Broly became friends. Goku even offered to train Broly as his student and possibly teach him a thing or two. It was a generous offer that leaves space for an interesting story, namely a training arc where we get to see the two Saiyans bout it out while training. Watching Broly become friendlier and more powerful has a lot of story potential.


The most likely upcoming plot could be the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc which is currently underway in the DBS manga. Slowly we are getting more info on this arc as the main villain of the arc was just revealed recently. The arc follows Goku and Vegeta as they help the Galactic Patrol face off against a fearsome new villain.

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