Dragon Ball Series: Senzu Bean Explained

Dragon Ball Series: What Are Senzu Beans

Dragon Ball Series

Senzu are magical beans that restore the vitality of any person that eats one. They also eliminate injuries and can keep a man full for 10 days. Senzu are used to recover from near death injuries. For example, when Gohan has his neck broken by Recoome on Namek, and Krillin has his spine broken, Goku gives both of them a senzu and they recover immediately.

They’re also used to speed up the healing process. For example, when Goku is in Wukong hospital after defeating Vegeta, he says the medical staff told him it will take 4 months to recover. But with the help of a senzu he recovers in an instant. It doesn’t matter how vast a person’s energy reserves are, a single senzu does the trick. Other methods, such as Dende and Kibito’s energy healing, require a bit more time and effort.

Senzu are also valuable training tools for warriors who exhaust their bodies in extreme ways, as they help them recover from exhaustion. While Goku is on board the Capsule Corporation Spaceship on his way to Namek he uses the senzu to immediately restore his vitality and continue his intense training in increased gravity. He does this several times in a row. Without the senzu he could not have increased his power level so quickly.

Appearance of Senzu Beans

Dragon Ball Series

Senzu resemble green lima beans in shape and appearance.They are about the size of a small coin, and Goku often carries several of them around in his cloth bag. They can also be broken in half and when eaten in the anime they have a crunchy sound, which implies they have a hard texture. Regarding the taste of senzu, I read that somewhere in the Japanese dub Krillin says they taste bitter. In the FUNimation dub Yajirobe says they taste like fish, which is most likely wrong. If you remember anything about their taste, please tell me in the comments.

How Do Senzu Work?

It is never explained how senzu work. They just do. For example, during the Majin Buu Saga Videl is almost killed by Supopovitch at the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai and Gohan gives her a senzu to heal her injuries.

In other examples when the Z-Warriors eat a senzu their body expands in size and the muscles bulge, as if blood and Ki are surging underneath the muscles. Their injuries are healed and their vitality and stamina return to full. If you ask me how senzu work, I say they are very similar to the Daoist pills and immortality elixirs.

When a Z-Warrior swallows one of these magical creations, their subconscious and latent energy is brought to the surface. The energy channels are expanded and the Ki within their body flows from to the extremities of the body. It’s like sitting in deep meditation for days, but in an instant. Your yīn and yáng are immediately balanced.

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