Dragon Ball Online: Ten things you may not know about Super Saiyan Blue

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The Dragon Ball Universe is filled with amazing transformations, many of which are the sole reason why fans are attracted to the series. Super Saiyan Blue is one of those special transformations that fans know very little about. So, we’ve prepared a list of top ten things fans may not know about Super Saiyan Blue. For similar list check out Dragon Ball online.

10. Super Saiyan Blue is stronger than a Super Saiyan God

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This is something many fans might already know but is still worth mentioning. When Super Saiyan God was first introduced many fans thought that this would be the final transformation for the Saiyans. After all, what could be more powerful than the power of a god? However, when Super Saiyan Blue was introduced, it was a chance for the writers to show they still had a few tricks up their sleeve. By combining previous Saiyan transformations with Super Saiyan God a more powerful transformation was created. Who knows how many more transformations can be unlocked?

9. It is a combination of two Super Saiyan forms

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As stated earlier, Super Saiyan Blue is the combined form of Super Saiyan God and the first form of Super Saiyan. This combination makes it unique from all other transformations. It’s amazing to think that a transformation so old as Super Saiyan, first seen in the Frieza Saga, would play such a big part in creating one of the most powerful transformations in the series.

8. It Can be achieved through two different methods

Both Goku and Vegeta are the only ones who have achieved Super Saiyan blue form. Goku achieved the form by absorbing the powers of a God and then activating them just before going Super Saiyan, remaining in his godlike form. This resulted in the creation of Super Saiyan Blue.

Vegeta achieved this form differently by doing intense training with divine deities. He absorbed the deity’s power when he was able to properly control it which is how he managed to achieve the form.

7. Goku Black has his own version of the form

There is no doubt that Goku Black is different from the other Saiyan’s in the series as he as an actual Saiyan God. Unlike the other Saiyan’s, Goku Black combined his already obtained godlike powers with the Super Saiyan form to achieve Super Saiyan Rose. His hair and aura are completely different from the Super Saiyan Blue form but is essentially the same in power.

6. The Blue hair represents tranquility

The creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, stated that the reason why he gave blue hair to the transformation is that he wanted to show the audience that this transformation is much more than just pure power. The transformation not only grants huge amounts of Power but also allows greater control over the power. This calm state makes this transformation stand out from other forms where the Saiyans usually lose control due to the insane power involved.

5. There is a little Gold in the Aura

On closer inspection of the form, many fans noticed that there is an underlying golden aura surrounding the Saiyans. The creators haven’t mentioned anything about this but several fan theories exist about this strange phenomenon. Some argue that this is the wasted Ki from the Super Saiyan form combined with Super Saiyan God. Others concluded that this probably represents the power of the Super Saiyan form hidden behind the calmness of Super Saiyan God.

4. It Wasn’t always called Super Saiyan Blue

In a show that contains tremendous amounts of transformations and moves, it’s hard to keep tabs on their specific names. Many fans might not know that this particular transformation was actually named something else! Before it was given the name of Super Saiyan Blue, writers decided to go ahead with the more flashier name Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or SSGSS for short. Many fans still consider this to be the proper name for the transformation.

3. Control is its main advantage

Throughout the series, the Saiyans have been frantically in search for more and more power. Each time they intend to transform to a newer state they don’t know how powerful the end transformation will be. Most of the times the new state is achievable by brute strength and rage which leads the character to gain destructive amounts of power. However, Super Saiyan Blue counters this tradition by offering the Saiyan Power but with greater control. This way the Saiyans can enter battle with a calm mind.

2. The form allows Saiyans to retain Ki

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Ki wastage is one of the major problems of the older Saiyan forms. Super Saiyan 3 is a perfect example. The overwhelming amounts of Ki in this form is hard to control. This led to a very inefficient form which Goku himself decided to stop using due to the large strain left on his body. Super Saiyan Blue has no such problem, meaning that Goku can retain more Ki while in battle.

1. It requires a lot of experience to master

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Any fan of the series will know how much training and experience it took for the Saiyan duo to properly control the power of Super Saiyan Blue. The amount of stamina required by this form drains the Saiyans like no other transformation. Although they can use this form more than once, the second time around is not so effective. This low level of stamina usage is the only downside to this transformation.

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