Dragon Ball Infinity: The Story of Beerus’ Race

Its been a little over a year since Dragon Ball Super ended, leaving millions of fans yearning for more Dragon Ball content. We still don’t know if Dragon Ball Super will make a return or not but, in the meantime, there is plenty of amazing Dragon Ball content out there that fans can enjoy while waiting for Dragon Balls return.

Dragon Ball infinity

Dragon Ball Infinity is a fan-made manga series which follows the story of a Saiyan named “Taima.” On his way from Planet Vegeta, Taima’s ship is sucked into a time vortex sending him millions of years into the past. He ends up crashing on an unknown planet where he is found and raised by the race of Beerus and Champa. Initially, the leader of the planet’s inhabitants, who happens to be a Pharaoh and claims to be a god, wanted “Taima” to be killed. However, he saw potential in the boy and decided to let him live.

Dragon Ball Infinity

Fast forward a couple of years and Taima has grown up into a strong teenager who has earned the respect of the Pharaoh and his people. The story takes a little twist from here. One night Taima accidentally transforms into the Great ape and rampages across the city. With his Saiyan nature finally revealed, he is soon knocked out and imprisoned. Taima is held captive alongside with different inmates, one of whom happens to be Beerus’ and Champa’s father, Brewd.

Brewd who is astonished by Taima’s strength and Power explains to the boy what happened. He than proceeds to train the boy in order to make him stronger and survive in prison. Over time, Taima eventually gets stronger than his master but this is where the story starts to get even more interesting. The Pharaoh orders Taima and Brewd to fight each other in the gladiator arena, a battle to the death. Taima and Brewd instantly refuse but the Pharaoh threatens to kill their families to which both of them agree to battle. Chapter 4 of the manga ends here.

Dragon Ball Infinity Read Online

You can read the Dragon Ball infinity Manga on this site for free. Also go and check out @JordanLDurham, the creator behind this amazing Manga series.