Dragon Ball Heroes Pits Zamasu and Jiren against each other

Dragon Ball Heroes

One of the strongest foes Goku and Vegeta have faced is the invincible God Zamasu. First introduced in the future Trunks arc, He brought one of the biggest challenges Goku and Vegeta had to ever face. The duo had no idea how to contend against someone who had an invincible body. Although they managed to defeat him, the fused Zamasu has returned in the recently launched Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series. He is a part of the core villains who are threatening to wipe the universe and the Gods as well.

Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime series based on the card game of the same name.

Dragon Ball Heroes

The latest episode of the spin-off series has pitted the group of villains against the multiverse. This means that some of the universes strongest warriors are facing off against each other. At the climax of the episode, fans were electrified to see Jiren and Zamasu fighting each other. Two of the strongest characters in the series are finally about to test their strength.

Fans were, unfortunately, unable to see much of the fight between Jiren and Zamasu as the anime has been more focused on Gokus struggle against the new villains. The brief glances fans were able to see did however establish the power between the two foes. Jiren is easily standing his ground against Zamasu but at the very end of the episode, something crazy happens.

In the closing moments of the episode, Jiren launches a massive Ki blast at Zamasu. The Ki blast has an incredible impact and causes a huge crater. Universe 11’s Toppo assured that Jiren had defeated the fallen god. Jiren, on the other hand, is not quite certain as he senses something within the smoke following his attack. A dark Ki appears from the smoke, and Zamasu re-appears completely unharmed from Jirens lethal attack.

Jiren is left confused as Zamasu explains that he is invincible. Although the villain is no longer fused with Goku Black like in Dragon Ball Super, it seems that his original body has retained its invincibility even though he was erased by the Omni-King. The fight is teased to continue in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes.