Dragon Ball GT Manga Is Making A Return in 2019

Dragon Ball GT has always remained a controversial topic in the grand scheme of the Dragon Ball Franchise. It claims to be the sequel to Dragon Ball Z, but unfortunately, due to its non-canon arcs, many fans of the series as well as Toriyama himself don’t consider it to be canon. Even if the series is not canon, it is still amazing nonetheless, putting out some of the best villains and transformations.

Dragon Ball GT Manga

Currently, Dragon Ball Super is the leading dictator of the series and although the series may have ended, the Manga is currently going through one of its best arcs. Recently, an announcement for the return of the Dragon Ball GT manga was made and many fans are surprised to hear that the manga is still alive and going.

The announcement was made by the latest issue of the Saikyo Jump, a monthly magazine published by Shueisha. Dragon Ball GT will have its very own dedicated animanga, composed of original frames from the anime adapted and integrated with dialogues between the various characters in the series, similar to how the Dragon Ball Super: Broly manga is being adapted.

Dragon Ball GT Manga

The announcement came as a surprise to many fans, as the anime has long since ended way back in 1997. The anime series may not have been a success but its manga adaption, has much more potential and fared much better than its counterpart. However, the manga couldn’t go mainstream. Currently it seems as thought an animanga of the Dragon Ball GT is ready to revive the series.

The first narrative arc to be adapted in the animanga will be Goku’s initial journey into space, alongside Pan and Trunks, in search for the Black-Star Dragon Balls. We still don’t know if further arcs in the series will be adapted or not, only time will tell.