Dragon Ball FighterZ: Top 5 Best Super Saiyan 4 Mods

The fighting game genre is very difficult to get right, especially if the game being developed is targeted at one of the most niche audiences in gaming. However, Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the few that gets all of the notes right. The game has proven to be the best Dragon Ball game of all time.

Developers have put a lot of time to create different cosmetics and outfits for the array of characters in the game’s roster. Aside from these official additions, Modder’s have also created several mods that enhance the game’s beauty and immersion. Today we will be looking at the top 5 best Super Saiyan 4 mods.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

5. SSJ4 Gohan

Gohan has always been one of the most interesting characters in the anime as well as the game. Although SSJ4 Gohan has never appeared in any sort of media, this hasn’t stopped EdwardVSGaming from creating this fantastic mod which introduces SSJ4 Gohan to the game.

4. Xeno Broly SSJ4

Xeno or Dark Broly is the corrupted reincarnation of Broly from a world separate to the main timeline. He is only ever seen in his SSJ4 form with a timekeeper mask on his face. The seven-star dragon ball is also fused into his core. You can download the mod from here.

3. SSJ4 Gogeta

One character than fans desperately wanted to be added to the game’s roster was the fused warrior Gogeta. UltlMa647 did one hell of a job to create the SSJ4 version of the character, making it one of the most downloaded modifications for the game.

2. SSJ4 Vegeta

Super Saiyan 4 suits no one better than it does on Vegeta, its as if the transformation was meant for the Prince of Saiyan’s. Sadly, FighterZ has only released Kid Goku and his SSJ4 transformation sidelining SSJ4 Vegeta. Thanks to LeandroBuscaglia, you can now finally play with SSJ4 Vegeta.

1. SSJ4 Goku

Dragon Ball FighterZ

When Bandai first announced SSJ4 Goku, fans were expecting SSJ4 Goku as a standalone character. However, the DLC actually introduced Kid Goku with his SSJ4 transformation as a special move. If you want to play with the complete SSJ4 version of Goku than go ahead and download Saitsu’s mod.

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