Dragon Ball FighterZ Drops New ‘SUPER BROLY’ Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ, the popular anime fighting video game based on the hit Dragon Ball franchise, continues to see new DLC fighters and updates added to the game. The latest and greatest of which is set to be Broly as depicted within the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film. And a new character trailer for the game shows off even more of the Saiyan in action.

Bandai Namco has released their latest character trailer for Arc System Works anime tag-fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ. The new video gives us a quick look at Broly (DBS), the newest DLC fighter who is expected to join DBFZ’s colourful roster in the near future.

This variant of Broly is taken from the 2018 anime Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which saw heroes Goku and Vegeta encounter a Super Saiyan version of Broly, who is exiled from Planet Vegeta as a baby only to return as an immensely powerful fighter. Now built like Scott Steiner with a temper to match. Super Broly is a wild tank of a man, an unbelievable force to be reckoned with.

The new trailer gives us a decent look at the newest roster addition, and sure beats out those 25-second trailers Bandai Namco were dropping in the run-up to DBFZ’s launch. There is no specific date announced for Broly (DBS) as of yet, but he is expected to arrive as part of season two very soon.

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