Dragon Ball Fanart imagines Tien As An OPM character

Tien Shinhan is one of the many characters who were dropped from the centerstage of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Series. Making his debut in the original run of the series, Tien was presented as a powerful martial artist, but like most of the characters that were sidelined, he too was forgotten once the battles grew outside of his capabilities. But what if Tien was placed inside a more balanced universe, one where a martial artist would be deadly and dangerous like One Punch Man?

The Reddit Artist, EasterHands shared his One Punch Man styled take on the character and boy does it immediately fit into the series. Its hard not to see the character joining the ranks of One Punch Man’s Hero Association that boasts some of the strongest fighters around.

Dragon Ball Fanart

Tien would definitely leave his mark on the world of One Punch Man using his skills and abilities that rival those of the S-Class Heroes. Although he wouldn’t be up to par against Saitama or the other stronger fighters just as he is outranked by Goku and Vegeta, Tien could still use his arsenal of Martial art skills to crush any opponent. He’s one the strongest humans in Dragon Ball and with his combat experience and techniques, he’d be a very powerful Hero too.

The introduction of Gods and Angels in the Dragon Ball Universe saw weaker individuals, like Tien, lose their relevance. But that’s just the nature of Dragon Ball, more powerful foes will appear and only the Saiyans are ever able to keep up with their opponents. But in a world like One Punch Man’s, Tien would easily be able to slay some monsters and rise quickly among the ranks of the Hero Association.

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