Dragon Ball Fan Art: Grandpa Gohan and Goku Reunited

One of the most influential characters in Dragon Ball’s history that have been forgotten in time is Goku’s grandfather, Son Gohan. Goku’s grandfather had such an influence over him that he decided to name his firstborn son after his Grandpa’s name. It was Son Gohan’s love and affection that turned the Saiyan born warrior into a Kind-hearted and loving man he is today. And while he may have died before the start of the Dragon Ball series, his legacy still lives on through Goku and the fans of the series.

Reddit User CamelCruiser drew this amazing Dragon Ball Fan art that portrays the love between the two martial artists. As Goku himself is a Grandfather, the two old-timers can be seen sharing a cup of tea in a very heart-touching scene. Check it out below.

Dragon Ball Fan Art

Son Gohan did make several appearances in the original Dragon Ball series. In one of the flashbacks, it was revealed that Son Gohan was the one who found and raised Goku after he landed on Earth. Back then, Goku still retained his Saiyan warrior aggressiveness and destructive power, but his grandfather raised him in such a way that he soon became a soft and kind-hearted induvial just like his grandpa.

After his death, Goku set off on his adventure to find the seven Dragon Balls, making several friends along the way. He also took part in the world martial arts tournament where he faced off against several mighty warriors and martial artists. In his last fight, he fought a masked brawler who actually turned out to be his grandfather, brought back to the world of the living by the fortune teller Baba for a short time. The Reunion was one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series.

Son Gohan also appeared during Goku’s marriage with Chi-Chi but ever since he has not been heard or seen of ever again. So, in a way, these Fan art drawings help to remember those fallen characters that helped shape our heroes whom we admire so much today.

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