Dragon Ball Artist illustrates Hilarious Aladdin Crossover

One may think that Dragon Ball and Disney’s Aladdin may not be very similar, but on closer inspection, the two media share some quite a lot in common. Not only do they both have magical wish-granting entities but they also share the same voice actor for major characters. Shin-ichiro Miki voices the Dragon Ball Super villain Zamasu and also voices Aladdin in one of the Japanese dubs of the animated film.

One Dragon Ball artist noticed this peculiar coincidence and quickly imagined a cross over between the two universes. His hilarious illustration shows Goku Black and Zamasu stumbling upon the wish-granting magic lamp from Aladdin. Check out the sketch below.

Dragon Ball Artist Aladdin Crossover

The artist, DragongarowLEE, often shares his hilarious sketches that celebrate the series most epic moments and characters. But his latest sketch takes one step further by introducing his own twist on the two classic series. Goku Black who looks pretty confused stands alongside Zamasu who says, “Apparently this lamp will grant me three wishes.”

DragongarowLEE doesn’t just stop there, as in this follow-up sketch, he shows the real resident inside the lamp. A hilarious plot twist that’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

Both Goku Black and Zamasu were the fan-favorite villains in the entire Dragon Ball Super anime. Not only did they stand out due to their evil persona but their motives and backstory actually made them a very relevant antagonist. Unlike most of the foes in Dragon Ball who are mostly just looking for a good fight. The duo still remains undefeated as both Goku and Vegeta could not stand against their divine might. Even in the spin-off series, they still dominate their opponents by their elitism and nobility.

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