Dragon Ball Art: Artist Draws Kid Goku in a Realistic Style

Dragon Ball Fanart has seemingly no limits as there is unlimited potential for artists to illustrate characters and scenes with their personal twist. One of the many styles that you will find is the realistic depiction of characters from the Dragon Ball series. These illustrations capture how these characters would look like in real life.

Recently an artist by the name of Sangsoo Jeong posted a realistic style illustration of Kid Goku from the original Dragon Ball series. His interpretation of the character is very different from the traditional anime style and is very similar to an actual human child. He also managed to make a short tribute to Grandpa Gohan who can be seen lifting Goku in the background.

Dragon Ball Art

When Goku crash-landed on Earth, he was saved and brought up Grandpa Gohan. Thanks to Gohan, Goku was able to become a kind-hearted man unlike the stereotypical war loving Saiyans that we are familiar with. His Grandpa has such a profound effect on him that Goku named his first son after his late Grandpa.

Dragon Ball Art

Kid Goku first appeared in the original Dragon Ball series which was more focused towards little adventures rather that all-out galactic battles as seen in the modern iterations of the show. The adventures would focus on Goku trying to find the seven Dragon Balls while he met crazy and hilarious characters. The later series would introduce Adult Goku but every now and then they will mention Kid Goku.

Dragon Ball GT was great in this sense as it was able to transform adult Goku into his Kid self again. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly we saw a toddler Goku being sent off of Planet Vegeta to Earth. Even in the popular fighting Game, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a Kid Goku DLC was released as a tribute to his amazing character.

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