Disney Reportedly Making A Live Action Dragon Ball Movie

The official Twitter account of WeGotThisCovered recently shared that Disney is currently working on a new live-action “Dragon Ball” movie. Additionally, the report claims that the rumored film will feature an all-Asian cast. Unlike other anime fan base, “Dragon Ball” fandom is generally not pleased about the concept of a live-action “Dragon Ball” movie.

First off, the source behind the leak previously revealed to WeGotThisCovered that Disney was developing a sequel to its live action Aladdin remake, which was later confirmed, so there’s reason to believe the source is valid. According to the leak, this new film will be granted a large budget, and feature an all-Asian cast.

As expected, fans are not pleased with the rumor that a live-action “Dragon Ball” movie is happening soon. In fact, most of them either dismissed the rumor as fake news or find the idea revolting. So far, Toei Animation has not yet disclosed if it has plans of bringing the anime to life.

All of that said, adapting the anime for the big screen is practically a Herculean task. Anime adaptations generally range from “acceptable” to horrendous. That’s including Japanese anime films; Western anime adaptations have an significantly worse track record. Given that it’s Disney making the movie, they’ll probably play things pretty safe. So far, Disney’s formula has managed to please plenty of anime fans. Here’s to hoping the same will happen with Dragon Ball.

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