Did You Know That Frieza Had A Son

The Frieza clan has had several canon and non-canon appearances in the Dragon Ball Anime over the course of many years. Characters like Frieza, King Cold, and Cooler have dominated this clan with their power and strength which stands above all else. However, there have also been several notable additions to the clan which fans might have missed, including Frieza’s son Kuriza.

Kuriza made his official debut in the Japanese gag manga “Neko Majin Z” way back in 2003. The parody manga was created by Akira Toriyama after he had ended Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. As the manga was just a spin-off of the series, many fans consider it somewhat consider it canon.

In appearance, Kuriza greatly resembles his father Frieza with a more chestnut like head, hence the name Kuriza which is based off of a Japanese word “kuri” meaning chestnut. He is also way shorter than his father which may be due to his small age, his first form also lacks the horns which his father and grandfather both had.

Since Kuriza was created with comedy in mind, his personality is quite comedic as compared to his evil father Frieza. In the Manga he doesn’t get much limelight as the pages runs out, but with the short amount of time he had we know that he is just as sadistic as his father.

There are several questions which pop up immediately, who is the mother of Kuriza and will Kuriza ever be included in the official canon, either through the manga, anime or even via a movie. It would be amazing to see the character in action as he still remains a very interesting personality which should definitely be explored.

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