Characters the Dragon Ball Franchise Gave Up On

The Dragon Ball Franchise is a massive fictional universe with thousands of characters, which for the most part, have been retained throughout the series long run. However, there are some characters that have been lost in time, either through neglect or the publisher’s intent. Here is a list of some unfortunate characters that have been sidelined from the franchise.


Launch first appeared in the original Dragon Ball series. She was introduced prior to the first World Martial Arts Tournament. Her dual personality and hilarious mishaps made her a comedic character that mixed well with the overall vibe of the series. But as the series started to focus more on Goku as a martial artist, the less and less she started to appear. By the time Dragon Ball Z came around, she was nowhere to be seen. Ever since the character has never appeared in any sort of canon episode.

Fortuneteller Baba

Dragon Ball Franchise

Similar to most of the characters on this list, Fortuneteller Baba was also included in the original Dragon Ball series. She is the sister of Master Roshi and had her very own mini-saga where Goku and the gang had to help her revive a character named Boro. Her magical powers made her a very handy asset as she could also revive the dead for a temporary period of time. However, she completely disappeared after her saga ended. She still makes some occasional appearances every now and then, but her exclusion is bizarre considering just how powerful she is.

Android 8

Dragon Ball Franchise

Androids have been a staple of the Dragon Ball franchise, especially those that appeared in Dragon Ball Z. However, many fans may have forgotten about the first Android that appeared in Dragon Ball, Android 8. This Frankenstein look-alike was created by the red-ribbon army to hunt down Goku, but Goku helped to free the Android who only wanted to live in peace. Although his character was only relevant for a short period of time, the character was completely removed from future iterations of the franchise.


Dragon Ball Franchise

Uub is the reincarnation of Kid Buu and was first appeared during the World Martial Arts Tournament near the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. During the tournament, Goku fought against Uub and realizing the prodigy’s potential, Goku offered to train him. Uub happily accepted the offer and the two flew off to start training. This was the last time we saw Uub on the big screens and ever since the character has hardly been ever mentioned. The Manga is currently going through the Galactic Patrol arc and there is a high chance the character might be reintroduced.

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