Artist Draws Every Dragon Ball Anime Character In One Picture

There is no shortage of Dragon Ball artwork on the internet most of which is focused on single characters or some iconic scene from the series. It’s very rare for an artist to draw an entire ensemble of all the characters appearing in the Dragon Ball anime. That’s exactly what illustrator Christopher Cayco has managed to pull off – drawing each and every character from the 30 long year series.

Dragon Ball Anime

The latest stunning piece of art was posted on Twitter, capturing all of the cool, badass and fearsome characters from the colorful history of Dragon Ball. Check out the illustration down below.

You can check out more of Cayco’s work by visiting his Instagram account and if you want to purchase his extraordinary masterpiece than click here to visit Cayco’s Online store.

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“Journey to the West”, it’s my pleasure to share with you my #EveryDragonBallCharacter collage! This project me 3.5 months and over 1,000 draw hours. To keep it brief, I’m a professional illustrator, but this is the most excruciatingly detailed, tedious, and texting project I’ve ever worked on. It covers every character in DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS, and the movies. . PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE, link in bio!! . PLEASE SHARE AND TAG ANY DRAGON BALL FANS YOU KNOW! Thank you all so much for the support. Much love. -CCAYCO . #dragonballz #dragonball #dragonballsuper #dragonballgt #db #goku #vegeta #broly #instart #animeart #gokudrawing #drawing #ccayco #bulma #chichi #gohan #piccolo #gotenks #futuretrunks

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The project took over 3 months and over 1000 hours to draw. A very tedious and excruciating task that was well worth the wait. The art piece covers characters from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, DBGT, Dragon Ball Super and all of the movies.

Let’s go over this art one by one as its difficult to really comprehend how much effort has gone into it.

First off, we have the depiction of the original Dragon Ball series containing Kid Goku and the other gang.

Dragon Ball Anime

Here we have the Saiyan Saga, the arc that introduced us to the Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Anime

This image depicts the entire Namek Saga with the most notable characters being Frieza and his henchmen.

Dragon Ball Anime

The Dragon Ball Z: Broly movie in one picture.

Dragon Ball Anime

The reboot of Broly, Dragon Ball Super: Broly which finally made our favorite character canon.

Dragon Ball Anime

Dragon Ball GT which followed Dragon Ball Z captured in one image.

Dragon Ball Anime

This portion of the art depicts the Dragon Ball Super series with Ultra Instinct Goku being the main highlight.

Dragon Ball Anime

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