10 Things in Dragon Ball Super That Break Continuity

The Dragon Ball franchise has been running for a long time, so there’s no doubt it has some continuity problems. As a matter of fact, every iteration of the franchise, whether its an animated series, film or even a video game, there’s a whole mess of inconsistency. Especially in Dragon Ball Super and its recent film which massively break continuity within the well-established lore.

Here is a list of 10 Things in Dragon Ball Super that Break Continuity.

The Laws of Time Travel

Akira Toriyama’s concept of time travel was already difficult to comprehend in Dragon Ball but it got even more complex in Dragon Ball Super. The thing is, fans wouldn’t have been bothered with a change here and there but practically rewriting it in the process just made things more difficult.

DBS added the idea of multiverses all of which contains alternate timelines, time rings and much more. Things became so complicated that even Tomiyama himself can’t explain it.

Bardocks Character

The latest film in the franchise, DBS: Broly, made some major changes to the already accepted canon. Bardock was one of the characters who received a major retcon to his personality. In DBZ he was portrayed as a ruthless Saiyan who cares little for his family. Bardock was a terrible person who decided to stand up against tyranny and in the process gave up his life.

In DBS however, Bardock becomes a more gentle and softer character who aims to save his son because he loves him. While this is great, it makes Bardock a less believable character. After all, he is still a Saiyan.

The Existence of God Powers

Many fans may not agree with this one but Dragon Ball GT might still be Canon. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that Super Saiyan God and its related forms were never mentioned in GT. Well, they weren’t invented yet but the fact that Super takes place before GT just breaks the continuity. The existence of Gods and Angels were non-existent in both GT and Dragon Ball Z.

Achieving Super Saiyan

Goku’s Transformation into a Super Saiyan was one of the most emotional scenes in the franchise. The anger and rage he had for Frieza led him to achieve this sensational form, something that many Fans can never forget. Vegeta’s desire to become stronger than Goku and his internal hatred for him resulted in him achieving SS as well.

These transformations required a lot of time and emotional premise but DBS decided to throw all of that out the window. Apparently, all it takes to become a Super Saiyan now is a tingling feeling in your Back. One of the most depressing changes in the franchise.

Who Sealed Old-Kai in the Z-Sword

The God of destructions were just recently introduced to the franchise. Amongst them, Beerus is the most notable. Sadly, however, Toriyama seems to be focused on placing characters into events that they previously had no involvement in. One major example is the question, Who Sealed Old-Kai in the Z-Sword.

Dragon Ball

In DBZ we find out that the person who sealed Old-Kai was much weaker than Majin-Buu but in DBS the perpetrator is Beerus. So, Is Beerus weaker than Buu? we’ll let you figure that one out.

The Fight Choreography

The Dragon Ball franchise has always been about its visually appealing and mind-blowing fights. The series was established as an action powerhouse with a lot of inspiration taken from martial arts and Kung Fu. The fantastically conceived and executed fight scenes are a shining example.

Dragon Ball

In DBS all of this creativity is lost. Almost every fight scene, with some exceptions, is a sloppy and poorly executed choreographed mess. So, in a way, Dragon Ball Super breaks the continuity of the franchises excellent fight scenes.

Saiyan Beards

Many things changed about the Saiyans in DBS and one of them happens to be their facial hair. To be honest, this issue has been around for quite a long time but its just extra weird in DBS.

Dragon Ball

A “Pure” Saiyans hair never changes, according to Vegeta and yet in GT Vegeta ends up getting a mustache and a haircut. Does that also mean that Nappa and King Vegeta were born with mustache and beard respectively?

Gokus Character Growth

One of the most disappointing things in Dragon Ball Super was the character development of Goku. We’ve seen this man Grow up from a Baby all the way to an adult. He’s learned a lot on his way and has mended many of his bad qualities. In Dragon, Ball Goku seems to be a pretty straight forward Guy but on a closer look, you can tell he has a lot going on under the hood.

Dragon Ball

Unfortunately, Super decided to waste all of the hours of character development and replace it with a Dumb version of Goku.

The Potara Fusion

Dragon Ball

Vegetto made a comeback in Dragon Ball Super but not without breaking some major continuity. This time the famous “Potara Fusion” was the victim. While Vegetto was a cool addition his fusion was cut short due to his enormous power. This is different from what we remember back in Dragon Ball where Potara fusion could last forever. Supper retconned this as well, saying that it’s only permanent for the Kais.

Destruction of Planet Vegeta

Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball, we were told that the Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza out of jealousy of the Saiyans Power. The introduction of Beerus in DBS revealed that it was, in fact, He who ordered Frieza to destroy the home planet of the Saiyans. This fact still remains hidden from Goku and Vegeta and it is unknown if they will ever find out or how they would react if they did know.

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