10 Dragon Ball Characters That Could Achieve Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball is notorious for its overwhelming amounts of powers ups and transformations. From heroes to villains, almost every character in the series has some sort of special form hidden in their arsenal of tricks. Of all the forms that have been revealed so far, there is no doubt amongst fans that Ultra Instinct is THE most powerful form out there.

So far, only a few individuals are known to have achieved this ominous form, including Goku as the most recent character to transcend this transformation. However, there are plenty of characters out there that could achieve Ultra Instinct.

10. Vegeta

Let’s start off with the most obvious entry in this list, Goku’s arch rival: Vegeta. The prince of Saiyans has made it his life time goal to surpass Son Goku. Anything that Goku has achieved has almost always been achieved by Vegeta as well. And knowing how stubborn he is, Vegeta could possibly pull off this form sooner or later in the Manga.

09. Beerus

As already mentioned in the anime, Ultra Instinct is a state of mind rather than a transformation. It is a form that requires an entire lifetime worth of training and dedication to pull off, something that even the Gods of Destruction have difficulty mastering. Beerus is one of the few Gods who can actually use Ultra Instinct, though Whis mentions that he still has a long way to go before he can properly master it.

08. Whis

Whis was the first character to actually mention Ultra Instinct in the anime. In fact, the amount of knowledge he possesses about the form clearly indicates that he and his brethren have already mastered Ultra Instinct to such a degree that they now live in a constant state of UI.

07. High Priest

Similar to the Angels, the High Priest is also confirmed to have complete control over the form. During the Zen Exhibition match in the Manga, he was able to stop two God of Destructions by lifting just two fingers. We may not have seen him in action but the High Priest is definitely someone you don’t want to mess with.

06. Frieza

Dragon Balls most beloved villain made a spectacular comeback into the series with his golden Frieza form. The villain explained how he never trained a single day in his life yet he was so powerful during the Namek saga. If he gave proper dedication to his training, there is no saying what power Frieza could actually achieve. But does Frieza have the patience to train for Ultra Instinct? That’s a discussion for some other time.

05. Broly

Broly finally made it into the canon of the series and he has already left his mark as one the strongest fighters in the entire series. Fans have already started debating whether he is more powerful than Jiren or not. For one, Broly definitely has the brute strength and power to achieve Ultra Instinct, but does he have the calm state of mind that is necessary to properly yield Ultra Instinct? This all depends on if the character will ever surface into the anime series.

04. Gogeta/Vegito

Fusion is one the most interesting techniques in the entire Dragon Ball series. Not only does it multiply the power level of its individual participants, but it also grants overpowered new moves and amazing new abilities. Gogeta and Vegito could probably achieve Ultra Instinct if they were pushed far enough into a corner. The form would also be easier to unlock since Goku has already experienced it beforehand.

03. Hit

Hit is one the most unique characters and additions in Dragon Ball Super. His uncanny abilities and mysterious personality paired alongside his assassin persona quickly made him the fans favorite. Before the Tournament of Power, Hit was the greatest challenge that Goku had ever faced, and that’s saying a lot. His ability to improve exponentially during battle meant that he could power up drastically, making him superior even to the elite warrior race of the Saiyans. Hit could easily achieve Ultra Instinct if he fought with Goku the next time they meet.

02. Toppo

Toppo is the next in line to become the God of Destruction for Universe 11. As a member of the pride troopers, he is second only to Jiren the Gray. His display of power and combat skills during the tournament of Power makes him a possible candidate that could unlock the Ultra Instinct form.

01. Jiren

To Say that Jiren cannot achieve Ultra Instinct is just completely wrong. Even during his final bout with MUI Goku in the Tournament of Power, Jiren was able to unlock a very similar form to Ultra Instinct. His body glowed with a red aura similar to how Goku radiates silver and white during his Ultra Instinct form. This slight detail clearly indicates that the red behemoth is already catching on to Goku’s latest form.

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