10 Crazy Dragon Ball Super Theories That Could Be True!

Let’s be honest, Dragon Ball Super fan theories have existed for decades now, and for the most part aren’t much to write home about either. But with the show off air for now, and monthly manga updates being the only source of canon information we have, it makes sense for fans to be seeking alternative information with the story. And honestly, although some of these might sound absolutely outrageous, they could hold some substance….. or maybe not… you decide


Dragon Ball Super

Frieze is undoubtedly one of the most iconic antagonists in anime history. However, it’s strange to think that we actually don’t know much about him. The series doesn’t go into detail about the age of its characters and that’s an even more complex issue where freiza is concerned.

Many fans have speculated that freiza is still a mere child, hence his spoiled brat attitude, Incessant whining and often violent tantrums. The theory seems very likely since his father, King Cold is clearly a grown man and his brother, Cooler, while not big in size, but is way more mature than Frieza.


Dragon Ball Super

It’s very obvious at this point that the earthlings are nothing more than spectators now, Krillin included. Regardless of this fact the Z fighters still need to train and Krillin is easily ahead of the pack.

He’s still determined to become stronger regardless of his body’s limits. He even asked Goku for a sparring session where he showed amazing endurance and even absorbed a Super Saiyan blue Kamehameha, which is way more than what the others can handle.


Dragon Ball Super

While the final arc of Dragon ball super was being aired many fans were speculating the reason behind the erasure of the losing party. According to many fans, no one was actually being deleted but were actually being stored in another dimension giving off the illusion of erasure. This led to the other universes despising Goku which further led Goku to push beyond his limits.


Dragon Ball Super

One of the most discussed characters so far has been Jiren, many fans wondered how he was so powerful and what actually motivated him. We eventually did learn his backstory involving the doom of his friends and family fueling his quest for strength.

However, one fan theory predicts that Jiren is, in fact, preparing to wage war against the Gods/Angels. There is plenty of solid evidence why Jiren might be suspicious of the various angels and God. For one most of the angels remained unfazed during the destruction of the universes, this and many other theories might be the reason behind Jirens suspicion.


Dragon Ball Super

Frieza’ second appearance in Dragon Ball Super instantly won the hearts of many fans. Not only did Frieza live up to his name by proving himself to be insanely Powerful, much to the surprise of many he fought alongside the Z fighters in the tournament of Power.

What’s clear is that frieze has no intention of leaving his evil ways and after being restored to life he quickly set in motion his evil plans once again. More importantly, many fans believe that Frieza’s ultimate goal is to become a God of destruction so that he can rival the likes of Beerus.


Broly harnessing the power of Oozaru

Previously we have seen Saiyan warriors lose all sense of control in exchange for the great power offered by the Great Ape transformation. Although this power has always been incredibly immense, they’ve never been able to harness it to its full potential previously, in fact Master Roshi at one point had to destroy the moon because Goku had gone on an Ape rampage because of it, after which they decided to just cut his tail off.

But in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly we saw that Broly had managed to learn to utilise the power of Oozaru (albeit still without much control) even without the Saiyan tail. Which has lead people to believe it might be foreshadowing to a new skill our heroes learn, especially since it seems more relevant now than ever in the Moro arc. Since Saiyan transformations are stopped, our heroes will have to really think outside the box for this match. Do you think Oozaru will come into play?

Piccolo Powerup

Dragon Ball Super

Many fans have drawn particularly interesting parallels between the Moro arc and the Namek saga, for one both of them take place on Namek/ New Namek. In addition to this, Vegeta initially toyed with Moro to get information much like Piccolo has been known to do as well, which has lead fans to believe that it is perhaps foreshadowing to his role in the arc. As we know Piccolo has assimilated with two other Namekians by now and he seems to do so when our heroes are either unavailable or unable to counter the enemy at large, which is the case right now.

With Moro being the perfect Anti-Saiyan machine, it feels like this might be chance for non Saiyan characters to finally shine. It has been a while since we last saw Piccolo in action, and what better comeback than to protect his home planet?

There was also an entire portion of the manga dedicated simply to Namekians assimilating with the strongest warriors in each village in an attempt to stop Moro, which again might function as a buildup to a Piccolo powerup.

Bardock and Goku reunion

Dragon Ball Super

Bardock has been a fan favourite perhaps since his inception despite relatively less character development. And fans have wondered for a long time whether or not a Bardock and Goku reunion was possible, and it had seemed impossible… up til now.

The reason Goku was never interested in findign out about his father before was because he rejected his Saiyan heritage after his encounters with Raditz, and he tried his best to distance himself from his backgroud as much as possible. But for the first time since the show has started, we saw Goku refer to himself by his Saiyan name Kakarot in the last scene of Super: Broly ( symbolizing his acceptance of his original background and Saiyan ancestry) and it seems likely for him to now want to know more about his background and his father… so a possible Bardock and Kakarot reunion isn’t off the books just yet.

Moro is a God of Destruction

Dragon Ball Super
Beerus and Moro might be a lot more similar than we thought..

We still don’t know too much about Moro, besides the fact that he is ridiculously powerful and has annihilated over 200 planets. It took all of the Grand Supreme Kai’s god powers to seal Moros magic and even then he was too strong to be killed, so he was held prisoner by the Galactic Patrolmen for 10 million years. Fans have been speculating as to the source of Moro’s power for a while now and a few believe he might just be the original God of Destruction before Beerus of Universe 7, he even seems to have existed for long enough and we still don’t know how long Beerus has held the position either.


Probably one of the most discussed fan theories on this list, there is something about the Grand Priest that has led many fans to believe he is actually evil. Don’t believe it? Just think about how the Grand Priest was commanding Zen-Oh to erase the universes in the tournament of Power. The look of cruel satisfaction on his face was enough to convince many fans that the Grand Priest was indeed Planning something. Some have even gone so far as to state that the Grand Priest is, in fact, the only one truly in Power and the child-like Zeno-Oh is only under the illusion of power.

So what do you think of these Dragon Ball Super theories? Are they too crazy to be real or do you think they might be onto something. Let us know!